Saturday January 14, 2017 @ 07:30 pm

Metal Night! Pine Street Band, American Ice Age, Dirty Covers, Damage Inc.

@ 07:30 pm | $10

Pine Street Band - 8:00PM

Rock band from Long Island New York
Devon Giurco-Bass/Vocals
Matt Schock-Guitar/Vocals
Jesse Viteri-Drums/Vocals

American Ice Age - 9:00PM

Born of the ashes of LI hardcore standouts like This is Hell, The Backup Plan, Subterfuge and more, these veterans of the local music scene take an uncompromising approach to rock n' roll. Their early work, an exercise in traditional hardcore alchemy, has slowly transformed into a dynamic two guitar rock n' roll attack. With gritty vocals and a rock solid rhythm section, the band traverses uncharted waters by bringing their punk rock and hardcore roots into an AC/DC and Motorhead influenced ass kicking. Tune in, turn up, and join the wolf pack.

Dirty Covers - 10:00PM

A deeper look into all the songs from our favorite artists. You won't hear just the 'hits' that everybody's heard a million times or the shit that WBAB pumps into your head all day. With DIRTY COVERS, you get all the rare b sides, gems, and even stuff the original bands themselves don't even play!

Damage Inc. - 11:00PM

Hardcore metal heads ,bringing old school thrash back