Sunday January 17, 2016 @ 05:00 pm

Lewd Buddha, Infantry, The Vinyl Plane, Maverick Soul Band

@ 05:00 pm | $10

1st - Time slot 6pm

Lewd Buddha Rock / Funk / Jam / Latin / SONIC GUMBO

Band Members

-Bob Valderrama - Guitar

-Derek Currier - Saxophone

-Jacob Pelletier - Drums

-Frankie Malabe - Bass

Band Bio:
The members of Lewd Buddha create a tasty form of "Sonic Gumbo" by blending elements of Rock, Funk, Soul, and Blues with a dash of Latin flavor. Lewd Buddha has been described as an "Urban Jam Band" that redefines the jam genre by incorporating grit into a melodic flow.  When the complete roster of ten members is present, Lewd Buddha delivers an electrifying performance filled with energy, power and spirit.

2nd - Time slot 7pm
Infantry -

  • Band Members
    Matt McKeon: Vocals/Guitar
    Dennis Folger: Vocals/Guitar
    Bill Caridi: Bass
    Paul Gifford: Drums
  • Record Label
    Whiplash Records/FreakWhenSee Music/FolgerMusic
  • Affiliation
    FreakWhenSee Music (BMI)

3rd - Time Slot 8pm - Live Recording

The Vinyl Plane -

A hard rockin' original new band with undertones of 70's and 90's that gives you a reason to live again, in a dark way...
  • Bio
    The Vinyl Plane is a hard rock band in the very essence of the word "rock". 2014 was a banner year for the band as they released their hit single "The Dirty Song", early in the year, along with "The Witch" and the band continues to surge into 2015. Having finished recording their first full length album as a 4 piece band in late 2014, the band continues to stimulate audiences with their unique brand of original fusion throwback style music that fuels any and every soul in the house. The live energy from this band is second to none and a testament to why we all go out to see live rock music.

4th - Time slot 9pm

Maverick Soul Band - (Cover Band)