Sunday May 15, 2016 @ 12:00 pm

School Of Rock – Black Sabbath and The Eagles

@ 12:00 pm

Throw up the horns and bow down to the gods of metal. In honor of their final tour currently demolishing stages all over the world, School Of Rock Port Jefferson is proud to present our Tribute To Black Sabbath. Come see these kids crush all the hits from the legendary band’s entire catalog. Your faces will melt, your bowels will shake, you will not be sure what kind of bodily fluid is shooting out of your mouth. Fun for the whole family!


Have you ever felt the California breeze silently and lovingly caress your cheek? Have you ever ever seen a sunrise and cried a single, abnormally large tear? Have you ever whispered sweet nothings to a complete stranger? Then you are probably a fan of The Eagles. Come on down School Of Rock Port Jeff’s Tribute To The Eagles and bask in the glorious sweet sounds of California’s greatest band. Just cool it with the sweet nothings, dude. It’s creepy.