Friday November 18, 2016 @ 07:30 pm

Victim of Changes, Live Wire

@ 07:30 pm | $10, 20
For this show advanced tickets for reserved seating on the upper level is available. Waitress service for beverages and food is included.

Victim of Changes - 8:30PM

NY'S PREMIER JUDAS PRIEST TRIBUTE BAND - Specializing in Classic Priest (70's / early 80's), with an emphasis on the musicianship of this great band. Members include: John O'Malley - Lead Vocals Charles "Butch" Judge - Bass Edward Campbell - Guitar Glenn S. Anderson - Guitar Eddie Catterson - Drums

Live Wire - 10:15PM

North America's Official #1 AC/DC Tribute Show...The most authentic AC/DC Concert Experience and international AC/DC Tribute band in the world.Members include: Chris Antos: Lead Vocals Mike H: Lead Guitar Bill Voccia: Rhythm Guitar Bill Bowden: Bass Guitar and Billy Rauff: Drums